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Press and Kind Words


"Spoken word is the combination of enlightening, emotionally charged expression, and

 eloquent writing. Kane Smego is the pure embodiment of the essence of this ancient art form." 


                     —The Legendary Black Ice (Def Poet, Tony Award-winner)


Reviews of Collard Green Music


Indy Weekly


Reviews of Temples of Lung and Air    

Encore Michigan

Triangle Arts and Entertainment Review

Indy Week Best 15 Theater and Dance Shows of 2018


Appearance on BET Jams:








The video for "North Cack" by G Yamazawa feat. Kane Smego and J Gunn

appeared on BET Jams and went on to win Best Music Video at the

Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem, NY 2017


Other performance reviews:

Fringe Festival Review (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Indy Weekly Article


The Flying of the Bulls Tour


Next Level Program in Zimbabwe






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